Best Ping Pong Balls in 2020 | Comprehensive Reviews And Buyer Guide

Some of you might think that we can use any ping pong ball and there are no such thing as best ping pong balls but in reality, the decision about a ball can make a huge difference in your game as all balls are not made equally and have the different weight due to which these act differently in terms of bounce and spin so chooseing a right ball is very important like any other equipment whether its a paddle or table.


For the same reason, we did some extensive research and tried and tested different balls available in the market to provide you with a list of top ten ping pong balls you should buy in 2020 along with a comprehensive buying guide to help you in making a right decision.

best ping pong balls

If you ask me Hey Alex I want the best Ping Pong ball, I would recommend you NITTAKU 3-Star Premium Ball, It’s one of the best ball available in the market right now.



Our Top Pick

Best Overall
NITTAKU 3-Star Premium Ball NITTAKU 3-Star Table Tennis Balls

Best Value
Butterfly A40+ 3 Star Table Tennis Balls

  Butterfly G40+ Table Tennis Balls

Best Top 9 Ping Pong Balls in 2020:


NITTAKU 3-Star Premium Ball

NITTAKU 3-Star Premium 40+ Table Tennis Balls 


Xushaofa 40+ Seamless Poly Table Tennis Balls

Xushaofa 40+ Seamless Poly Table Tennis Balls

Butterfly A40+ 3 Star Table Tennis Balls

Butterfly A40+ Table Tennis Balls
JOOLA 3-Star Table Tennis Training Balls

STIGA 3-Star Superior-Quality Orange Table Tennis Balls

STIGA 3-Star

PRO SPIN Ping Pong Balls

PRO SPIN Ping Pong Balls

EastPoint Sports 40mm Table Tennis Balls

EastPoint Sports 40mm Table Tennis Balls
KEVENZ 60-Pack 3-Star 40+ Table Tennis Balls

MAPOL 50- Pack Orange 3-Star Premium Ping Pong Balls

MAPOL 50- Pack Orange 3-Star Premium Ping Pong Balls

1: NITTAKU 3-Star Premium Ball

Nittaku came into limelight in 2015 when in 2014 ITTF abandoned the use of celluloid balls in tournaments at that time all manufacturers were making celluloid balls and no one could provide premium quality plastic balls. Nittaku exploited that opportunity and produced premium quality plastic balls which are not only just round but also produce a consistent bounce.

Nittaku 3-star balls are manufactured in strict quality control and that’s the reason behind its quality and worldwide popularity. These balls are 40 mm in diameter and 2.7 g in weight making them ITTF approved balls list and can be used in competition.

Nittaku balls are made up of plastic and are quite hard and disown the complaint which people usually have for plastic balls that these are not as hard as celluloid but Nittaku completely proves them wrong.

These balls come in the packing of 3, 6, 9,12, and 24 balls so you can buy as per your needs. The only drawback is its price which is quite high as compared to others but if you want to buy the best ball for a professional level you should buy this without any doubt.

2: Xushaofa 40+ Seamless Poly Table Tennis Balls

These balls are quite similar to Nittaku but are quite reasonable in price so if you don’t want to buy Nittaku due to price then you must choose Xushaofa. It’s a New Chinese brand but the quality is Xushaofa 40+ Seamless Poly Table Tennis Balls exceptional and that’s the reason it got popular in no time. The balls are seamless means that there is no glue used to glue together two halves of the ball; it’s a new technique that helps in less breaking and more consistent bounce.

Xushaofa produces a good bounce and as it is ITTF approved you can use it in any competitive game it’s not as good as Nittaku of course but still its much better than any other available in the market and gives you an option to buy either ball a pack up to 144 balls in a pack which will be quite affordable in you buy in bulk.


3: Butterfly A40+ Table Tennis Balls

Butterfly A40 is a premium quality 3-star ball approved by ITTF to be used for tournament play and was used as the official ball in the world table tennis championship in 2018 and 19. It’s 40 mm in Butterfly A40+ Table Tennis Balls diameter and is perfectly round which helps in achieving a perfect bounce.

It is made up of plastic and closely resembles the bounce of a celluloid ball so during training, if you played with a celluloid ball it will be quite easier for you to adjust with its bounce as unfortunately celluloid balls can be used in tournaments anymore.

The butterfly is a well known German brand and famous for making premium quality table tennis equipment and A40 is the best ball for tournament play with a perfect size and weight which gives a perfect bounce. It is available in white color which is easier to spot on dark background as most tables have blue color it comes in a pack of 3, 6, and 12 balls.

4: JOOLA 3-Star Table Tennis Training Balls

Joola is one of the leading manufacturers of ping pong equipment and Joola 3-star is a premium quality ping pong ball by Joola which is quite lightweight and because of having a seamless design it gives an extra bouncy effect and makes the game more pleasure to play. JOOLA 3-Star Table Tennis Training Balls

It comes in 40mm diameter and weight of 2.7g following the official standards of ITTF and available in orange and white color in the packing of 12 balls with an affordable price tag made up of polystyrene material which makes it a durable and environmentally friendly ball being used in training and parties even its the best toy for your cat as cats simply love these king of ping pong balls.


5: STIGA 3-Star

Stiga is a renowned brand and is quite popular in manufacturing ping pong equipment. Stiga 3 Star is one of the finest products of Stiga. It’s a 3-star ball with a 40 mm diameter with perfect weight per ITTF regulations perfectly suitable for tournament STIGA 3-Star play. It’s available in both orange and yellow colors and is perfectly suitable for players who are practicing with 1 and 2 star balls and looking for a cheaper upgrade as Stiga 3 is available at quite a reasonable price as compared to its competitors.

Stiga 3 generates the incredible spin and bounce on the table as it is made with celluloid and helps in making your shorts more consistent and beating your competitors with deadly serves this ball is what you need. Stiga 3 comes in a pack of 6 balls and you get 2 packs of 6 balls with the following link.

6: PRO SPIN Ping Pong Balls

Pro spin ping pong balls are high quality 3 star balls with 40+ diametre and 2.7 g weight. These balls are perfect for beginner and intermediate players and can be used in their rigorous training as these are made with poly plastic which is quite durable and PRO SPIN Ping Pong Balls environmentally friendly and can be used in a long run without being cracked or damaged.

Being seamless these are durable balls and provide players with consistent bounce and can be used with ping pong robots which helps in training the player. These premium quality balls come in orange and white color and the pack of 12 and 24 with quite a reasonable price and 1-year money-back guarantee.

If you want to buy pro spin balls in orange Click Here.

7: EastPoint Sports 40mm Table Tennis Balls:

Eastpoint sports are 3-star ping pong balls which are highly recommended for recreational games or beer pong. These balls are quite hard and provide a good spin on the table these are of 40 mm EastPoint Sports 40mm Table Tennis Balls diameter and acceptable weight of 2.7 g which makes them the best option for practice.

These come in a packing of balls and are available in white as well as orange color they are good for practice and peer pong but we do not recommend them for a serious ping pong game as they will break easily if you play with hard-hitting.

8: KEVENZ 60-Pack 3-Star 40+ Table Tennis Balls

Kevenz is offering a pack of 60 3-star ping pong balls at a very reasonable price which is quite suitable for training purposes and is beginner-friendly. These balls are quite durable tested with a hardness test and they perform exceptionally well. They are KEVENZ 60-Pack 3-Star 40+ Table Tennis Balls perfectly round and provide good bounce and good control on the paddle.

Although the manufacturer claimed that these balls are seamed in actuality, it’s not other than that its weight is around 2.75g which is a bit more as compared to others but still it is easy to play with and quite responsive even for competition games.

It comes in a white and orange color in a pack of 50 balls and if you have kids you better know that there is no such thing as enough balls but still this pack of 50 balls should be enough if you store your balls safely.

So if you are looking to buy cheap balls for recreational games or beer pong or want to improve your game these balls are best for your training as these are quite durable and provide the best spin.

9: MAPOL 50- Pack Orange 3-Star Premium Ping Pong Balls

Mapol is another brand that is providing a pack of 50 3-star ping pong balls at a very reasonable price. These balls are quite good and widely used in training around the world and provide value for MAPOL 50- Pack Orange 3-Star Premium Ping Pong Balls money and also very popular in peer pong due to its quality and cheaper price.

These balls are 40 mm in diameter with avg weight of 2.7g to 2.85g which provide a good spin and are exceptional as these are produced with durable plastic. These balls come in orange color and are quite budget-friendly and useful for beginners as well as professional players. 

You may find one or two balls which are having more or less weight than others but it shouldn’t be issued for your game even some users complained about getting 48 balls instead of 50 but if we calculate the price it’s just some pennies but you should know that these balls come in plastic packing so you have to arrange some box for storage.

Buyers Guide

This is a very comprehensive guide and will provide you all the information related to ping pong balls and things you should consider before making a purchase. 

What is Ping Pong Ball?

A ping pong ball is a lightweight and bouncy plastic ball that is hollow from inside and is used to play ping pong.


Ping pong was invented in late 18th century and at that time it used to play with cork balls even golf balls were also used till in 1901 Englishman James Gibb discovered lightweight celluloid a perfect material for ping pong balls which was also followed by ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) when formed in 1928 and set some rules regarding Ping Pong Balls as discussed below.

ITTF Regulations Regarding Balls:

ITTF defines the rules which explain what kind of ball should be used in any competition. You can read these rules on the ITTF official site if you need further reading. We have listed these rules below.

 Size of Ball:  The ball should be spherical, with a diameter of 40 mm (1.57 inches). (changed from 38 to 40 in 2000 Olympics in Sydney by ITTF)

 Colour of Ball : Either White or Orange.

 Weight of Ball:  2.7 grams.

 The material of Ball the ball should be made of celluloid or any other plastic material. (Celluloid was replaced by non-flammable plastic in 2014 by ITTF)

 The ball should have a matte finish. 

Now as you have some basic Information regarding ping pong balls and ITTF Regulations related to it now let’s start our buyer guide where we gonna help you with what things to consider while making a purchase of ping pong balls and how to differentiate between good and bad balls.

Things To Consider:

Some people might think that buying the ball for table tennis is quite straightforward as you will go and just buy any ITTF approved balls but in reality, the market has plenty of options from different manufactures all of them having different variations of balls for different skill set and you have to choose according to your skill.

For Instance, you are a recreational player with little or no experience in-game there is no difference for you whether it’s a competitive ball or a normal ball you can play with any on the other hand for professionals they have to use competitive balls during their training which are more expensive than normal balls.

But if you have just started your game and are quite serious about that and wanna take it to the next level then at first you can start with any ball you prefer and later on after gaining some skill opt for competitive balls. It doesn’t matter which ball you choose, the factors will remain the same which you should consider before buying any ball.


Mostly you will encounter with balls that are either made of celluloid or plastic polystyrene each of these having its perks but as in 2014 IFFT has stopped accepting celluloid as acceptable material for ping pong ball so we recommend to stick with plastic one as they are not only acceptable in competition but they are more environment friendly as well.

The plastic balls are a bit bigger than celluloid one and you will differentiate it easily by just reading 40+ on it while on celluloid you will see 40 printed on them. The celluloid ones are quite cheaper than plastic ones and also more durable and plastic balls have a harder surface they will not bounce very well and it will be hard to spin on them.

So if you are not in competition and just having a regular practice match you can use any ball but its always better to practice with the same ball which is allowed in competition to get used to it.

 Star Rating

This is one of the main factors which helps in choosing the right ball. Table tennis balls are being rated by manufacturers between three to one star three being the highest quality and one is the lowest, as this rating is given by manufacturers there is no trace to check it out still 3-star rating balls are the best one which has followed all the guidelines of ITTF and are best for competition while 2 and 1 star balls are the ones which have not passed the QC for 3-star rating and are usually used in training and practice as they are quite cheaper than the 3 star balls.

Similarly, you will find balls without any ratings which are usually quite low quality and get damaged very easily and are mostly purchased for beer pong and other recreational ping pong games.


As per ITTF Regulations, only Orange and White color balls are accepted but if you are having a fun game on weekends you can use any color ball but white color balls are used mostly all over.

How to check the quality of the balls?

The best way to check the quality of the ball is by checking how hard it is and how good it spins on the table for you to perform certain tests.

 Hardness Test: 

To check the hardness of the ball you can simply press the ball from different points and observe weather it deforms or not a 3-star premium quality ball will not deform but a 2-star ball will deform slightly but it’s not gonna be permanent on the other hand 1-star ball will deform and won’t return to its original shape and are quite low in quality and I will not recommend buying such balls.

 Spin Test: 

The spin test will help in judging the roundness of ball simply spin a ball on the table and check whether its wobbling slight wobbling will be seen in 2 star balls and it will still be acceptable but if wobbling is high don’t buy that ball.

Which Type of Ball Should I Buy?

There are 3 major types of ping pong balls.

 Competition balls:  Most Expensive ones, Approved by ITTF, Used in competitions, marked as 40+

 Training Balls:  Average quality balls usually come in large packings and used in training. These are quite lightweight with avg spin.

 Recreational Balls:  these are lowest quality balls used in home party matches and beer pong these are 1 star rated and sometimes without any rating these are very light in weight and available in a very cheap price.

How To Keep your Ping Pong Ball Clean:

Although ping pong balls are not very expensive still you should clean them very often as it keeps your table clean and helps the balls to have a good bounce on the table the cleaning process is not very long you just have to keep a clean cloth with you and clean the ball with it every time it touches the ground.

But if you are using a Ping pong robot then you have to clean many balls. For that, the best option will be to put them in the washing machine and wash them with water without using spin and let them dry outside.

Apart from cleaning you should take these precautions to keep your balls in the perfect condition and you will be able to use them for a long period of time.

 Don’t keep them in direct sunlight.  
Avoid storing in a place where there is a chance of moisture
Clean them after using it next time. 




Now you are quite aware of all the terms and properties of ping pong balls you are in a better position now to decide what kind of ball you need you have all the choices from 3 star to 1 star, from celluloid to plastic, from seamed to seamless and from orange to white and I am quite sure this buyer has explained to you what you need is and you have the best option available from our best ping pong balls list from which you can choose easily.

But as the market is updating very rapidly if you think that we may have missed something you can always point it out in the comments section and we will be happy to include that later on.

If you are looking to buy ping pong paddles, read out reviews and buyer guides on best ping pong paddles in 2020. 

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