Best Ping Pong paddle For Spin That You Must Have (Top 5 Paddles for Better Spin)

Finding a right ping pong paddle can be very tricky sometimes as the market is flooded with a huge range of paddles and it quite hectic to choose from it but if you know your playing style then somehow you are in a better position to choose let say if you are an aggressive player and looking for a best ping pong paddle which will enhance your spin then you are at right place.

We did our research on purchase behaviour of players who are looking for best ping pong paddle for a spin in hand and found out that they look at the quality of material being used in paddle thickness and tackiness of rubber as its the major factor to increase the spin along with that they also consider the overall weight of a paddle and how to balance it is in term of speed spin and control.

TOP 5 Ping Pong Paddles Which are Good For Spin:

best ping pong paddle for spin

We analysed these factors and selected the top 5 ping pong paddles which we consider best if you are considering buying a ping pong paddle for a spin. Below is the table where you will find key features of these paddles which will help you in making a good decision.



killerspin jet black

Killerspin Jet Black 

  • Great spin.
  • sleeve cover.
  • Affordable price.

jt 700 ping pong paddle

JT 700 Ping Pong Paddle
  • For Offensive Players.
  • Lightweight.
  • 30 Days Warranty.

balsa carbo x5

Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5
  • Premium Rubbers.
  • Carbon Blade.
  • Best for Spin.
joola overdrive
Joola Infinity Overdrive
  • Inverted Smooth Blade.
  • Lightweight.
  • Ideal for fast hitting.

stiga pro carbon

Stiga Pro Carbon
  • Strong Handle.
  • Lightweight Blade.
  • Provides spin with power.



(1) Killerspin Jet Black:

Killerspin jet black is one of the most recommended paddles if you are more concerned with the spin. It is a lightweight paddle with sleek design and jet black colour and is more inclined toward intermediate players who want performance with style and interested in the control-oriented game.

Jet black is made up of 5 plywood blades along with Nitrx-4Z rubber which makes this paddle a perfect choice for offensive players. It gives the player a strong control over the game and Killerspin Jet Black generates a good spin needed for winning more games. If you are used to playing with Stiga pro and other light paddles then maybe you will find it a bit heavier but the balance is incredible that you won’t feel losing control.

Some users complained about rubber that comes off after some times as it wasn’t properly glued and some users also find the handle not very strong but its all depend on how you use the paddle and your playing style.

The paddle comes with a beautiful good looking sleeve cover which enhances the beauty of the paddle and accommodates two paddles along with four balls and is secured with an elastic fastener. Overall it’s a great paddle with beautiful design and incredible performance.

  • Great spin credibility.
  • Provides a great power at incredible control.
  • Comes with a beautiful sleeve cover.
  • Affordable price.
  • Premium quality Nitrx-4Z rubber.
  • Bit heavier than other paddles
  • Some user find issues with handle
  • Issues with rubber glue.
  • Not for beginners.


(2 ) JT 700 Ping Pong Paddle :

Jt 700 is also designed for offensive players who want a perfect speed and a paddle which produces a good spin and JT 700 is among paddle which will shock your opponents with its unpredictable spin.

The blade is made from 5 layers of  Plywood with a comfortable handle which doesn’t matter JT 700 ping pong paddle how sweaty your hands are, It won’t slip from your hand and helps you to play a game for a long period.

The rubber used in JT 700 IS SPGM Pro Hornet Series rubber which is designed to produce high speed the sponge used is 2mm thick which provides right momentum to produce a matchless spin. The only issue is that the different colour rubber is being used in the backend side but it won’t affect the performance of the paddle.

JT 700 got a rating of 82 for speed, 91 for spin and 79 for control which makes it the first choice for players who are looking for speed and control in their game. It comes with a beautiful cover to keep your paddle dust free and clean. We highly recommend this paddle for beginners and intermediate players.

  • High-quality SPGM pro hornet series rubber.
  • Lightweight.
  • Cover case included.
  • 30 days warranty.
  • Excellent spin ratings.
  • It takes time to adjust with bounce
  • Some user found issues with rubber
  • Its surface is sticky which gathers dirt quickly.


(3) Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5:

Butterfly balsa carbo X5 is designed for professional experienced players who are looking for a paddle with powerful speed and high spin capabilities. We must advise beginners to avoid this paddle due to high-speed paddle they won’t be able to control it.

X5 has got a strong blade which is made from 3 layers of high-quality wood and two layers of Butterfly Balsa carbo x5 carbon which make it extra light and its the lightest blade butterfly ever produced only 80g and due to which the player gets the ability to move the ball with high speed and knock out the opponent easily.

It’s a professional-grade paddle and some of you may find it a bit expensive and the main reason behind this is its highly expensive Tenergy FX rubber which is the most expensive rubber available in the market. The rubber gives the paddle a smooth and soft look which gives the ball a precise movement and it spins in a controlled manner.

It comes with a thick handle which gives a good grip especially players with bigger hands find it more comfortable to hold while other players complain about its thickness and you have an option to order either with flared or straight handle according to your choice.

It’s an expensive product and we highly recommend this if you have a budget as its price is completely justified because this paddle is made with premium material and is hand-assembled with high-quality glue to make it more durable.

  • High-quality Tenergy FX rubber.
  • Lightweight blade with carbon layers
  • Ideal for offensive players
  • Excellent ratings for spin speed and control.
  • High price expensive product.
  • Not recommended for beginners
  • No carrying case provided.


(4) JOOLA Infinity Overdrive:

Joola is a well-known company when it comes to ping pong paddles and they have been a trusted name in manufacturing ping pong equipment for the last 60 years. They have been a sponsor in renowned tournaments like Olympics, US open etc and infinity overdrive is one of the paddles from JOOLA which they have designed for professional players.

Joola infinity drive is made up of inverted smooth blades with strong flared handles to Joola Infinity Overdrive provide comfort along with the best performance in terms of speed and spin. The blade is made up of 7 layers of plywood along with two layers of carbon. These 7 layers of wood are combined with Hinoki (for fast hitting), Koto (for quick counterattack ), Ayous (for precise control).

The rubber used in infinity overdrive is Micron 48 rubber with 2.2mm sponge which when combined with a powerful blade makes it a beast and for that reason, it got a rating of 100 for speed, 99 for spin and 92 for control.

This paddle is very comfortable, lightweight and produces good speed which a professional player needs as its pads are sticky in this paddle you will get the best spin when combined with more speed which will help you in winning more matches and for the very same reason that with this paddle you will get the best speed and spin we have included this in our list of best ping paddle with spin.

  • High-quality blade with 7 layers.
  • Lightweight blade with carbon layers
  • Ideal for fast-hitting and spin.
  • Excellent ratings for spin speed and control.
  • Handles are short and not recommended for long hands.
  • Not recommended for beginners.
  • No carrying case provided.
  • No warranty provided.



(5 ) Stiga Pro Carbon:

Stiga Pro is one of the best paddle ever produced by Stiga the best part about Stiga pro is that it is well balanced in all aspects and is designed concerning the needs of professional players it is an extra light paddle which helps to play all day long without getting tired.

Stiga pro blade is made with 5 layers of plywood which are sandwiched between carbon layers stiga pro carbon which make this paddle lightweight whereas on the other hand ACS technology retains users control on a paddle. This blade is attached with a concave handle which provides extra grip to produce a killer spin.

The blade is attached with 2mm thick sponge which is coated with S5 rubber which helps this paddle in producing a killer spin to win a game the rubber is of premium quality and is approved by ITTF for tournament play even if the rubber has worn out due to regular use you have an option to change the blade as well.

Stiga pro carbon has an excellent rating of speed 99, spin 100 and control 80 with such an eye-catching rating it is an obvious choice of players who are quite serious about their game and want to improve it further and even if you re still not convinced then Stiga pro carbon is available with 90 days warranty so you can change it if you don’t like the product.

  • Carbon technology gives high speed with spin
  • Ideal for fast-hitting and spin.
  • Excellent ratings for spin speed and control.
  • 7 layers balsa wood blade.

  • Not recommended for beginners due to high speed.
  • No carrying case provided.
  • Rubber may need replacement after rough use.
  • No warranty provided.



Buyers guide:

We have created this buyer guide to help you in choosing the right paddle if you are looking to buy a best ping pong paddle for a spin. Here we have explained the main things to look for when making a purchase and also answered from frequently asked questions which will clear your mind.

The reason behind creating this guide is that If you are a beginner it’s quite common that you don’t know how to spin a ball and if you somehow buy a paddle which we are recommending for a spin then you won’t be able to use it effectively so the first thing you should consider before purchasing a paddle is your playing style and how experienced you are because if you are a beginner you won’t need a spin focused paddle and you should have a look at our list of best ping pong paddle for beginners.

At the beginner level, you should look for a paddle with springy wood or with a thick sponge which will help to swing a ball and won’t require more power just keep practising on that till you feel you are good at spinning a ball and when you reach that stage where you can call yourself an intermediate player then your next step would be to control that spin and increase its speed to make it more deadly and for that, we always recommend Stiga Pro Carbon which uses advanced technology for better performance.

Design :

Design of paddle can have a huge impact on the performance of the paddle if the surface of paddle is smooth it will help in making the ball spin so it is always a good idea to look for a paddle which has smooth surface along with flared handle to have a good grip on the paddle.


When deciding which paddle to choose material plays an important role as the quality of the blade is very crucial for producing great spin and for that reason it is recommended to always go for the blade with a carbon layer although the ITTF does not allow carbon blade for tournaments and only a slight amount of carbon is allowed and it helps to make the paddle lightweight and its surface uniform which increases the predictability that where the ball will go.

Similarly, rubber is also very important to create spin so if the sponge is thick it holds the ball and creates the spin which helps in winning the game. On the other hand, the thin sponge will help in control here we are more concerned with a spin so always look for thick sponge and if the premium rubber is being used it will increase the durability of the paddle without sacrificing the performance.

Warranty :

It is always better to look for a paddle which is provided with a warranty so if there is an issue with the paddle or you are not satisfied with its performance you have a chance to replace it. It will give you peace of mind and you can give your 100% to your game rather than being confused about what will happen if the paddle got damaged.

Extra Features:

As it’s a competitive market you will see different companies providing value-added features with every purchase which are in the form of covers, cases and balls like in the above list you can see that JT 700 is providing a beautiful sleeve case with helps to keep the paddle dust-free the extra features are to attract customers but we must advise that you should always go with high performing paddle and ignore low-quality products doesn’t matter if they are providing any such offers.


How can I improve my ping pong spin?

Spin is created by flicking the ball with your paddle the faster you touch the ball the more spin it will generate so improving the spin is fairly easy and dependent how well you flick the ball the other thing which effects the spin is the direction of the paddle if you touch the paddle with ball 90 angle it is most likely that there will be no spin but if you change the angle either upward or downward the ball will move slower and create spin.

How do you handle spin in ping pong?

Handling a spin in ping pong is very complex and needs a lot of practice and experience even professionals find it quite tough as it requires critical judgment and fast response. The process consists of two parts first correctly reading the spin if you read it correctly there are bright chances that you will be able to return it successfully.

Reading the ball involves what the ball wants to do like a backspin ball wants to go down which means you have to reach beneath the ball and stop it from happening and quickly push it over the net.

How to handle the smash in ping pong?

Smash or widely known as kill shot is the most disappointing thing you will face in ping pong and it usually happens when you ask for it like you return the ball high which allows him to smash you back the smash is a very powerful shot which is played with full and is usually difficult to return and the best approach to handle this type of shot is to get benefit from that speed and return it with forwarding spin in this way the speed of the ball will increase further and become difficult for the opponent to handle it successfully.


Our most recommendedbest ping pong paddle for the spin is Stiga’s carbon pro with a 100 rating for a spin which is quite amazing and because of having a lightweight blade with carbon layers it also produces a powerful speed and got everything which a professional player is looking from his paddle it comes at an affordable price and you will get 90 days warranty to increase your trust and give you peace of mind.

Similarly, if your pockets allow you to buy an expensive paddle with a premium quality rubber then you should look nowhere else than butterfly Balsa Carbo X5 it’s bit expensive but its completely justifies its prices and is the best paddle for professional players who you want to keep it for a long period with them.

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