How to Clean Ping Pong Table – A Comprehensive Guide

Being a ping pong lover you should know that one of the most common reasons behind experiencing the lower performance from your equipment is dirt and debris on your ping pong table and it needs regular maintenance so always clean your ping pong table at a regular interval.

As the table tennis is made up of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) which is quite prone to scratches and dust which is quite unavoidable even if you cover your table when not in use still during your play ball touches the ground several times and collects dust from there which will result in minor scratches on the table surface to minimize the risk of wear and tear your table needs proper cleaning.

how to clean ping pong table

It’s not rocket science. We have covered the whole guide about how to clean your table and maintain it like a new one just follows this guide and you will see a rapid change in your game as the dirty table has a huge influence on the way your ball spins on the table.

How to Clean Your Ping Pong Table

Whether you are a serious ping pong player or a casual one who plays recreational games occasionally outdoor and don’t use your ping pong table very often still cleaning your table on a regular interval is a compulsory exercise to keep your table in a great condition and reduce the wear the tear as the ping pong tables are expensive equipment which requires proper care and if you play on a dirty table it will also damage you ping pong paddles when the dirt transfers from table to paddle with the ball.

 What You Need: 

So let’s start the cleaning process but first have a look at what we need before we start the cleaning.

Step By Step Instructions

After you have gathered all the above things just follow these simple steps:

 Step 1: 

This step should be performed regularly after finishing your game just take a soft clean cloth and wipe out the whole table. This will help in removing the dirt and debris that have been transferred from ground to table via a ball and is easy to clean.

how to clean ping pong paddle

 Step 2: 

Make a simple non-toxic cleaner at home with the help of white vinegar if want to avoid purchasing a cleaner from the market but as it’s not that expensive so I recommend buying it because it may not only ease the process as it comes in a spray bottle which is much easier to use but it’s quite time-saving as well. We have provided the list of best ping pong table cleaners down below do check them out.

But still, if you want to use the home cleaner there is no issue with that simply take half cup of white vinegar and mix it up with 2 cups of water your cleaning solution is ready just put this solution in a spray bottle (if available) or you can use a bowl as well.

 Step 3: 

Remove the net from the table and clean it separately we will discuss this in the next step, Now clean the table surface with ping pong cleaner by misting it all over the surface and then wipe it down or if you are using home cleaner just dip a dry cloth in that homemade solution and make sure to squeeze all the water from the cloth before cleaning the ping pong table.

If you haven’t used the table for quite a long period and there is quite a lot of dust on it then you can repeat this step for one more time

 Step 4: 

Cleaning the Net : After removing the net from table put in the bowl which is filled with cleaning solution place the fabric part of the net in the solution while keeping the support ends out from the bowl for some period after that simply rinse it out with clean water and let it dry for few minutes before placing it on the table.

 Step 5: 

Once the net is dry you can assemble it back on the table but before that one last thing is cleaning and oiling the moving parts of the table for this you can use the WD-40 solution which will help in making these parts move freely.

You will definitely feel a huge difference after following this cleaning guide and observe your table like a new one.

how to clean table tennis

How Often You Should Clean Your Table 

It totally depends on how you use the table and how often you use it like where you store it and how to clean the environment is there so there is no hard and fast rule for that and it varies from person to person but if you are not using it very often there you should wipe it off with clean cloth once a week and deep cleaning as discussed above should be performed after every two to three months.


On the other hand, if you are going to use it on a regular basis then always clean it with a dry cloth after every match to increase its life.

How to Keep Your Ping Pong Table Clean

As now you have followed our guide and did a deep cleaning of your table let me give you some advice to keep it in a similar manner by just following our few more tips this way you will not only save your time from a deep cleaning but also maintain the table in good condition forever.

First, you have to adopt a cleaning technique called clean as you go as the name suggest it simply means that you always have to keep a clean cloth along with cleaning solution and after making a routine to spray that solution and wipe it off with clean cloth every time you finish your match it will only take 2 to 3 minutes but it will save your lot of time in future.

Other things which you can do if you want to prolong the life of your table as these tables are quite expensive and you don’t want to ruin your investment then better spend some bucks on the table tennis cover they are not very expensive but they will provide you complete safety from dust and help in increasing the life of your ping pong table.

Especially if you are a casual player and play ping pong on some special occasion then these covers are just as in that case the table is stored for a long period of time and is more prone to not only dust but it can also get damaged from sunlight and UV light.

There are many ping pong table covers available in the market but my all-time favorite is JOOLA Dual Function Indoor Table Cover. The reason behind this is, first of all, it is quite budget-friendly as compared to similar table tennis covers from Stiga and Killerspin.

Secondly, the material used in this cover is made up of premium quality nylon which is thermoplastic silky which makes it lightweight along with being tough and provides the best resistance against dust and water. It has velcro edges due to which it is quite easy to fit on the table in any position whether it’s in storage position or in playing even there is no need to remove the net when using the table cover.


best table tennis cover


What To Avoid When Cleaning

Ping pong Table is quite sensitive and fragile so you must take some precautions when doing a cleaning otherwise the danger is that the cleaning will have a negative impact on the table and to avoid this keep these things in mind.

Don’t overdo the cleaning which means always wipe off the table with a clean cloth and do deep cleaning in three to four months always spray the cleaning material to avoid getting table wet as if you make the table again and again it will develop rusty patches in no time another important tip is to avoid using harsh chemical agents to clean the table as they may damage the surface of the table for this we have provided the list of some best cleaning agents available in the market do have a look on these

Best Ping Pong Table Cleaners In The Market:


If you are in the game of ping pong for some time you must have used some products of Butterfly even if not at least you must have heard its name as they are making one of the finest equipment for ping pong lovers and this table cleaner is not different from their butterfly table tennis cleaner other products. They have used extensive research and developed a VOC liquid (a liquid that is free from volatile organic compounds ) using the latest biological techniques.

The best part about this cleaner is that it dissolves the dust instantly which is then easier to remove by just simply wiping off the cloth and gives your table the same look as it was when you bought it it also comes with a spray bottle making it easier to use and clean.

It got some excellent reviews from customers who purchased and used on their outdoor tables to remove the dirt and bird droppings from their tables which this cleaning did perfectly which was quite a hectic task if used by homemade solution and it may damage the surface as well.

So this is the best ping pong table cleaner especially for outdoor tables and saves a lot of time in cleaning and will provide the astonishing shine to your table with minimal efforts.



JOOLA Table Cleaner – 500 milliliters

If you have Joola table it’s a must-have cleaner for you it removes all the dirt and debris instantly and makes your Joola table shine like a JOOLA Table Cleaner new one some people complain about some stains after using this product which is due to their tables having different surface than Joola that’s why I recommend this product to you if you have the Joola table.

It’s quite cheap in price and comes in 500 ml spray bottle which helps in easy cleaning and lasts for 5 to 6 months if used regularly some people complain that it finished in a month or so it is because they haven’t closed the nozzle after use make sure to do it as its evaporates very fast.

Affordable in price
Removes dirt and debris fast
Best for Joola Tables

Evoprote fast if the nozzle is not closed
It May does not work well on all tables.



Killerspin MyT Clean Ping Pong Table Top Cleaner

Killerspin is a Chicago based company producing premium quality ping pong equipment and very well known for its ping pong paddles and innovative design tables this cleaner also provides good killerspin myt cleaner performance and clean tables efficiently by using non-ionic and anionic surfactants and is differentiated from other cleaners as it is infused with the lemon scent which provides a refreshing sensation and fresh and healthy environment, unlike other cleaners where you will face pungent smell.

Killerspin Myt Clean comes in a 500 ml bottle but what makes it affordable is that it is packaged in a box with two bottles at a cost of one provided with a single pump. This is the best product if you are looking to clean your ping pong table and maintain superior surface conditions for optimum play as the cleaner your table is the more performance you will get in terms of bounce and control.

Reputable brand.
Affordable price.
Best cleaning ability.
It can be replaced with a homemade solution if you are not a competitive player.




I hope your every confusion related to cleaning of ping pong table is cleared now and if some of you were avoiding it because you thought that it’s a hectic exercise will agree with me that it’s a simple process if performed smartly like as if you told you earlier that by doing simple cleaning every time you finish your match will help you in keeping your table.

Apart from that, you can buy pingpong table cover if your table is placed outdoor or you don’t use it quite often and we have also recommended some cleaning material which we think is best for cleaning you ping pong table without damaging it but still if you are having some concerns or want to add anything which will be helpful for us please comment below.

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