Stiga Pro Carbon Review – Best Choice For Intermediate Players

After receiving a lot of requests from our readers we are going to review Stiga pro carbon paddle which was declared best in our list of best ping pong paddles but even if haven’t read that and already know that Stiga pro carbon is the best paddle for you then let’s start a detailed review on it.

stiga pro carbon review

Stiga Pro Carbon | A Detailed Review :

Stiga pro carbon is one the best and most popular paddle from Stiga a Swedish company which got popular in a quite short time because it’s producing high-quality products and after using it for once the user won’t look for any other products and that’s the reason behind its success and having more than 1000 reviews on amazon Stiga pro carbon is the first choice for any player looking to buy a new paddle.

  Balsa wood blade with carbon layers makes the paddle lightweight
Flared handle for a strong grip
 Carbon technology for extreme power and speed
 performance ratings of Speed: 99, Spin: 100, and Control: 80
Beginners find it difficult to handle due to extreme speed
Rubber may need replacement after some time




Stiga Pro Carbon is the best paddle for intermediate players who are having some experience in the game as it has got a superb speed to play fast shots with an excellent ability to perform spin and due to these, it sometimes not easy to have perfect control.

But it’s not a big issue if you have played the game before and have some practice with the basics you will get used to it but if are a complete beginner then we recommend to have a look on our list of best ping pong paddles for beginners to have a good idea of what is more suitable for you.


The best way to review any product is by analyzing its key features to observe weather it meets with all the requirements.


Every paddle has three main parts Blade, Rubber, and handle for this reason to judge the construction of Stiga pro we will observe these three.


The paddle is made up of a strong blade consisting of 5 balsa wood layers along with two layers of carbon which make it a lightweight paddle as carbon is lighter than balsa wood and is therefore easy to hold and helps in playing lengthy matches without being tired.

stiga pro carbon review


The blade is surrounded with Stiga S5 rubbers which is ITTF approved rubber which means it fulfills all the requirements and you can use it for professional matches as well which is a plus point and along with this the rubber uses the crystal technology which simply means that small air pockets are present on the rubber with a strong bond which helps in providing good control and gives a wider sweet spot than what you got in other paddles.


The handle of Stiga pro is concave with the flared grip it has got a hollow tube in the center which helps in absorbing the shock and providing a strong grip on paddle but due to this, it makes the paddle heavier than its competitors which is good if you are an offensive player it will help you in providing a better grip and adjusting your hand to play spin and loops more frequently but beginner players might face difficulties due to its increased weight.

Plus Points

Stiga Pro Carbon is the best paddle for intermediate players who want to elevate their game as there is no paddle in the market which can beat it in term of speed if you are an offensive player who likes to play the powerful shots you will simply love this paddle it has a speed rating of 99 which makes it the real beast.

stiga pro carbon review

The best part about this paddle is the wood used in it that is balsa wood which is quite light and on top of that it is surrounded with carbon layers which helps in making the paddle more lightweight and easy to handle

The other plus point it has is the 2.0 mm rubber which helps in giving the best spin to the ball and thus it will become quite difficult for an opponent to play that shot. It’s a pre-made bat still you have the option to change the rubber easily when it’s worn out.


This paddle is designed specifically for the intermediate player and for that reason it is not very friendly among absolute beginners as its quite fast and they won’t be able to play comfortably with this along with this it comes with a thick sponge which is again not so good for beginners for if you are just starting a game consider having a look at our best ping pong paddles for beginners.

The blade is a bit heavy as compared to other pre-made bats but it is quite normal for offensive bats so there is nothing to worry about the paddle is quite good but it’s pre-made so if you think you can play complex shot it better to look for some custom bats.

stiga pro carbon review

The only thing which you will miss about this paddle is control but as you know that if you would go for speed you have to compensate on control as they are inversely proportional to each other and you have to find a good balance between them and if you have reasonable practice in this game you will feel comfortable in finding that balance quite quickly.


This paddle is an absolute beast and highly recommended for intermediate players who are upgrading from a cheap beginner level paddle. They will love this paddle although it may take some to get used to this paddle because of its speed when you become comfortable with this it becomes quite difficult to beat you in the game.

This paddle has got the premium built quality with replaceable rubbers which means you can keep this paddle for a long period until and unless they become quite experience and want to go for a custom upgrade.

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